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FREE Mobile Website Builder

Build Your Mobile Website with our FREE, Incredibly Easy To Use, Mobile Webite Builder. No need for any design or programming skills, the mobile website builder does it all for you with a simple, easy to follow system.

Why do you need a mobile website?

The number of mobile users accessing the Internet far exceeds the numbers accessing the Internet from a PC.

These mobile users browse for:-
* Restaurants
* Taxis
* Bars
* Hotels
* Etc., Etc.

In short, mobile web users are looking for just about any type of business you can think of - these users are your prospective customers and let me tell you if they find a suitable site that is easy to read with a one click "Call Us Now" button - you are in business.

With standard websites you can only see a very small portion of the website on a mobile phone and thus you have to scroll, scroll and scroll some more. A mobile website displays it's entire contents within the screen of the mobile phone or tablet. No more scrolling .......

Now that you can see it for yourselves - I am sure you get the picture - well at least some of it anyway !!

Would it not be better if you had a Great Looking Mobile Page with a "Call US Now" button for new clients to immediately contact you?

Nobody BUT nobody is going to scroll around looking for the telephone number on a website that is all over the place. Or how about when someone searches for "Your Town"+"Chinese Restaurant"?

With your Mobile Website they see your attractive logo with some business information and a "Call US Now" button to contact you right away.

Remember, more people access the Internet using mobiles than PCs, and the number of mobile users is growing exponentially everyday.

Get building your mobile website right now using our FREE, Easy To Use, Mobile Website Builder.

CLICK HERE to start using the mobile website builder NOW.


We have completed some research on many business websites and we noticed that most of them (more than 80%) do not work on mobile phones. By that we mean it takes a frustratingly long time to load which can be expensive (financially) to the customer and when it finally loads it’s not scaled properly for mobile viewing. The end result being that the viewer leaves the site and moves on (presumably to your competitors).

It is a well established fact that mobile searches are becoming increasingly popular and in fact they are scheduled to overtake PC/desktop searches in 2013. Currently 53% of all searches for “restaurants” are done on a mobile device.

To check if you are losing out big time just pop over to the Goggle Keyword Tool - CLICK HERE (opens in new window) and enter the keywords that represent your business/service and the Town, for example "pizza london" - make sure you have opened the advanced options and selected your country - now enter the "Captcha" words and click on search - see how many searches are done per month!

Now, where is says "Show Ideas and Statistics for" click on the adjacent drop down box and select "all mobile devices" and click search again - now you will see the number of searches per month on a mobile - were you missing out by not having a mobile website? you bet - BIG TIME!!

Go From This   To this, simple, fast loading and easily read website.

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